Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jobbrowsing Update

Today I decided to tweek a few smaller things on jobbrowsing.com. I've also created a link section that will have other websites with job related information. These links will slowly grow so right now there won't be very many quite yet. I've been driving around lately with the car magnets that I got from vistaprint (if anyone is looking for this type of advertising material check out this site as you can save up to 90% http://myvistaprintcoupons.blogspot.com/). I havn't checked yet to see if I am gaing any traffic from this advertising.. I'll keep you posted if this brings any real results.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Advertising Products from VistaPrint have arrived!!

I decided to order some marketing materials from VistaPrint online and just received them today! I ordered a few car magnets, t-shirts, and business cards of course. I am extremely happy with all items I have purchased and delivery was FAST! If anyone else out there is needing marketing products these guys have it all and are extremely cheap! If anyone thinks they need some supplies then I highly recommend getting coupons from:

Click Here for Vista Print Coupons 30-90% Off!!

Small Business Owners Save 30-90% on advertising materials!!

If anyone has a small business or is wanting to start one this is a must see website you can get everything from business cards, t-shirts, car magnets ect.. They have pretty much everything at VistaPrint. Feel free to check out the lower link to find tons of coupons!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jobbrowsing.com Merchandise now for sale!

I've now added an online store selling Jobbrowsing.com merchandise! so feel free to check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/jobbrowsing It has everything from shirts, sweaters, baby wear, bumper stickers and even dog clothing.

My marketing Blitz did not bring the results I was looking for so I will have to develop a new marketing plan to get Jobbrowsing's name out there.. Also if you are reading this blog tell everyone you know to give jobbrowsing a try if they are looking for a job. You never know they could find their next job on it..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marketing Blitz

I've attempted another marketing blitz today sending e-mails out to different media sources. I'm just testing this to see what kind of responses I get back from them in regards to www.Jobbrowsing.com. Marketing on facebook and Kijii has not worked as planned as they both block you from posting links on their sites. My next step is going to look for alternative marketing efforts. I'm also still working on word of mouth to promote www.Jobbrowsing.com so hopefully this will start to spread.

I've created a Facebook.com fan club for Jobbrowsing and it already has 27 Fans so if your looking for a job and want to become a fan of jobbrowsing just search for it on facebook.

I'll keep everyone updated on how well the marketing blitz did so keep checking in to see the good and bad of jobbrowsings progress..